“The Fascinating World of Orchids” – A workshop for teachers

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Orchid hybridisation started in the Singapore Botanic Gardens from as far back as the 1920s. It was only in the mid 1970s that Singapore saw a big boom in the orchid industry, owning to the passion of orchid breeders at that time. These early breeders paved the way to establishing Singapore as a major player in the orchid industry.


Being a pioneer in orchid hybridisation, we wish to share our experience and knowledge on orchids with teachers. It is our hope that this knowledge will be passed on to benefit students, so that they may learn to appreciate and love orchids.


During the workshop, participating teachers will be introduced to the Orchidaceae, the largest family of flowering plants in the world. They will be taught to distinguish the major groups of orchids via their vegetative structures and growth patterns. The workshop will also cover the basics of orchid growing, propagation and reproduction. Additionally, teachers will learn how an orchid is named and be familiarised with the registration process for orchid hybrids.


This information will be shared through a presentation, demonstrations and an outdoor tour at the National Orchid Garden, where a comprehensive collection of orchids are housed. Teachers will also be given the opportunity to observe the various stages of orchid micropropagation ‘through the looking glass’ of the Orchid Breeding and MicropropagationLaboratory.


For enquiries, please contact the SBG Education office at 6471 9961 & 6471 9926 or nparks_sbg_edu@nparks.gov.sg

Online registration is available at the bottom of the page (Please click on " Registration").  


Contact Info :6471 9961
Date :01 Dec 2014 - 31 Dec 2015  
Venue :Singapore Botanic Garden & National Orchid Garden
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