Singapore Botanic Gardens - Our Heritage

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Established in 1859 by the Agri-Horticultural Society, the Singapore Botanic Gardens was designed by Lawrence Niven, whose work reflected the English Garden style that influenced the emergence of numerous English landscape gardens and public parks from the 18th century until this period. Today, this layout as well as the historic buildings such as Burkill Hall (1868), Ridley Hall (1882), EJH Corner House (1910) and Holttum Hall (1921) remains almost entirely intact.


In the early years, the Gardens played an important role in fostering agricultural development in the region through collecting, growing, experimenting and distributing potentially useful plants. One of the most important successes was the introduction, experimentation and promotion of Hevea brasiliensis (Pará Rubber). This became a major crop that transformed the region. In the 1920s, the Gardens also spearheaded new techniques in raising orchids in asceptic media and founded a regional orchid breeding industry.


Since its establishment, the Gardens have continued to be a leading centre for plant science, research and conservation in Southeast Asia. Today, it is recognised internationally as a leading institution of tropical botany and horticulture, and its library and herbarium collections (comprising over 650,000 specimens) serve as an important reference centre for research on the region’s flora for botanists around the world.


This guided tour will include a tour of the SBG Heritage Museum and Gardens’ historical landmarks. The museum features interactive exhibits and panels that share little known facts of the Gardens’ rich heritage, as well as rare artefacts including botanical books, paintings, and more. 

Duration : 1.5 hours
Fee : $15.00 per person


This programme is conducted on an ad-hoc basis and is subjected to the availability of guides. A four weeks advance notice is required for booking of this programme.


We require a minimum of 15 participants for the tour to run and the maximum capacity is 20 participants. In the event that you have less than 15 participants in a group, the minimum charges for 15 participants will be levied.



For enquiry, please contact the Education Branch at 64719961/64650196 or through email:


To register, please click on the 'Registration' tab at the bottom of the page.

Contact Info :6465 0196 / 6471 9961
Date :01 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2014  
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