Advanced Gardening (A Gardening Workshop)

A follow-up to the Home Gardening workshop, Advanced Gardening aims to bring your gardening skills to the next level. We will discuss about pest and diseases, a problem that every gardener will face to learn how to identity and counter them. This includes the uses of equipment, rates of application and safety measures. Participants are also invited to bring in infected plants for diagnosis and advice. This workshop will also focus on sharpening your propagation techniques to successfully propagate healthy and strong plants. 


This workshop is suitable for:

-       Gardening enthusiasts who would like to learn more about pest and diseases or practice their propagation skills  

-       Beginners with some background in gardening  

-       Tertiary students and adult hobbyists 



Date : Saturday, 22 February 2014
Time  : 10:00am - 5:00pm

Fee : $80.00 per participant (includes all materials)

Location : Botany Centre, Tanglin Core of Singapore Botanic Gardens



To register for this workshop, please click here.


For enquiries, please contact the Education Branch at 64719961/64650196 or through email:


Contact Info :64719961 & 64650196
Date :22 Feb 2014  
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